Mein Name ist Zukunft

Social Spot, 2’18”, 2D, 2011

Different people from the centre of the society show the meaning of development cooperation by presenting their development projects. Throught the connection with other initiatives and biographys they create a great impact.

“Development is done by humans. We support them – BMZ.”

The movie premiered on 14.11.2011 at the ceremonial act for the 50th annivarsary of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development in Berlin.

Written / Produced / Directed by Bianca Bodmer & Stefan Bünnig

Costumer: BMZ

Lina: Rebecca von Amsberg
Markus: Klaus-Peter Grap
Kessie: Alexa Brunner
Mareike: Sabine Krause
Vannak: Robert Kuchenbuch
Rainer Hunold: Rainer Hunold
Samira: Christine Biniasch
Nemat: Mathias Znidarec
Peter: Romanus Fuhrmann
Marissa: Janna Horstmann

Head of Animation: Agnieszka Kruczek
Design/Animation: Perrine Marais
Animation: Dorota Gorski
Music/Sounddesign: Jan Weigel
Recording/Mastering: Stefan Thomas, Studio A