Ways to feel better #10 Color Police

web series produced for ARTE creative
14 episodes, HD, 2011

Globally networked young people, cool Berliners, hip Parisians, digital Bohemians and urban outcasts… the groups that make up ARTE Creative’s primary audience are in trouble. Torn between a work ethic geared at maximum efficiency, the job market, a customised sense of self and the first signs of hair loss, it is not the real estate market, but rather their own dreams they see crashing down before their eyes. To what extent have capitalistic processes plastered over the way we see ourselves? Do I need to rethink my ideals and if so, how do I free myself from my present ones? Has the path to a streamlined sense-of-self caused me to stray from the one grandma laid for me? In the series “15 ways to feel better”, Sebastian Haslauer explores the options. He offers us practical ways to take a good look at ourselves, imploring us to come up with the answers to fundamental questions: How can I lift my spirits? What am I lacking? Are there rules I must live by and those I want to live by?

Idea:Sebastian Haslauer
Director:Stefan Bünnig
Director of Photography:Bianca Bodmer
Sound:Jonas Hummel
Editing:Stefan Bünnig & Bianca Bodmer
Design: Timm Häneke